VW 1F Transmission Gear Overview

Transmission Gear Overview

The instruction is suitable for the following models: 1F,3C,Passat CC,Golf

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  1. Clutch Housing
  2. Reverse Shaft
  3. “5th”, “6th” and Reverse Gear Output Shaft
  4. Clutch Slave Cylinder with Release Bearing
  5. Input Shaft
  6. “1st” to “4th” Gear Output Shaft
  7. Differential
  8. Right Flange Shaft
  9. Left Flange Shaft
  10. “2nd” Gear
  11. “1st” Gear
  12. “4th” Gear
  13. “3rd” Gear
  14. “5th” Gear
  15. “6th” Gear
  16. Reverse Gear
  17. Transmission Housing