VW XY2 Finish Balancer

Finish Balancer

The instruction is suitable for the following models: XY2
Note Working with a finish balancer requires instruction from the manufacturer of the balancer. For the balancing, the wheels of the tractive axle are set upon the turntable sensors, for example, front wheels for FWD.

If it is determined when balancing on the vehicle the remaining imbalance is more than 20 grams, the wheel should be rotated on the wheel hub.

Mark the point at which the imbalance is indicated. Afterwards, unbolt the wheel and rotate its liition on the wheel hub so that the marking points downward. Note The wheel hub must not turn during this procedure. First, tighten the lowest wheel bolt by hand to approximately 30 Nm. Tighten the remaining wheel bolts diagonally to approximately 30 Nm. This process centers the wheel properly on the wheel hub. - Check again whether the imbalance is less than 20 grams using the finish balancer. Note The imbalance should not be smaller than 20 grams under any circumstances before changing balance weight. Loosen the wheel bolts again, if necessary. Rotate the wheel relative to the wheel hub once more by one or two wheel bolt holes. Tighten the wheels according to the method described above. Note The imbalance should only be reduced by changing balance weight if the imbalance is less than 20 grams. Balance the wheels until the imbalance is below 5 grams. Tighten the wheel bolts to the specified tightening specification if you have not already done so. WARNING

Always tighten the wheel bolt to the tightening specification and using the torque wrench.